Six word TV

This month’s six word story challenge on Twitter was TV series. Not everyone told us the show they were aiming for, so we might’ve made some errors.

PS. If anyone can help with the last one, stick in a comment. There’ll be no prize!

The Killing: Dead? Why? Too dark to see.

Quantum Leap: Everything works out ok...oh boy.

Glee: Sue and Britney make it watchable

Alan Partridge: TV presenter has difficulty Bouncing Back.

University Challenge: Paxman humiliates with a 'come on!'

Poirot: Pernickety Belgian uses little grey cells.

Top Gear: Insulting Mexicans, shirts tucked into jeans.

Grand Designs: Opinionated interior designer belittles hapless amateurs.

Friends: Chandler Monica Rachel Joey Phoebe Ross.

The Wire: The game is the game. Always. US Police & Political Corruption Central.

Frasier: Radio psychologist, Seattle skyline, a dog.

True Blood: Sex and blood, becoming far fetched.

Lost: Time travelling island confuses crazy people Then. But now. But also, when?

Crystal Maze (we think): Time travelling teamwork with bald host.

The Good Life: It's silly, but self-sufficient fun.

Arrested Development: It's called Arrested Development. It's funny.

Blockbusters: I'll have a P please Bob.

Neighbours: That soap Kylie Minogue was on.

The Inbetweeners: Disfunctionally optimistic teens make knob jokes.

Masterchef: Cooking doesn't get tougher than this.

Being Human: Dark, modern, gory take on Rentaghost.

Lewis: Endeavour died so now he investigates.

The Thick of It: British politicians fuck up (and swear).

Mastermind: ‘I’ve started so I'll finish' terror.

Strictly Come Dancing: Octogenarian presenter encourages celebrity dance embarrassment.

Fawlty Towers: Sarcastic hotel owner suffers gradual breakdown.

Match of the Day: Jug-eared philanderer ignores drawling Scot.

The Sopranos: Mob boss talks to therapist, alot. (Bit of a cheat. But worth it.)

The Avengers: Stylish duo fight crime, drive cars.

Silk: Shaft your colleagues and get justice.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Sociopath tv author pisses off everyone.

House: Sherlock Holmes in an American hospital.

Mad Men: Started monotone. Got colourful. Plenty smoking.

And one we couldn’t place: Rat Race escapee rotovates front lawn.

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