Three ways to take on Christmas writing

Brands love linking in with seasons, events and holidays throughout the year. And with Chistmas being one of the biggest spending opportunities, brands are especially keen to get their names out there.

Some brands are almost synonymous with this time of year – for a lot of people, it’s not Christmas until they’ve eaten that sandwich, watched that advert or drunk from a red cup.

But how do other brands manage to jump on the bandwagon? We’ve looked at three ways they take on Christmas writing.

The pun

Like Fish!’s It’s beginning to look a lot like Fish!mas.

They can be fun and cheeky like this one. But if you’re not careful, you’ll stray into cheesy territory.

Magical writing

Anthropologie have done it really well in their Christmas catalogue:

A rather giddysome collection of wants & wishes, oohs and aahs, fancies and finery, and just about everything for you and your abode.

But you’ve got to be the right brand for it. Otherwise it feels insincere. For example, it’d just sound weird if chartered accountants talked about their magical services.

The story

Storytellers beware – they can be tricky to do. But if you get them right, they can really sum up the feeling of Christmas. Like this great one from Sainsbury’s, on an advert for their latest alcohol deal:

It’s the one time of year dad gets to pretend he’s running a cocktail bar.

It just makes you smile – and reminds you of all the funny things your family do during the holidays.

So whatever way of tackling Christmas writing you choose – make sure you pick carefully, steer clear of cheese, and stay authentic.


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on Dec 18, 2013

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