Ticuh ticuh ticuh ticuh ticuh


For the last minute or so I’ve been secretly listening to Neil typing.

To me, it sounds like TICUH TICUH TICUH. To Mad (important capital) cartoonist Don Martin, maybe it would’ve been something else. You’d have to check this dictionary of all the strange sequences of letters he used to represent sounds.

Here are some of my favourite entries:

BBLLBBLLBBLLBBLLBBLL (man making lip sounds).

HAKKLE SLICE SHLURP BOIL RIP HAC CHOMP COOK EAT TEAR CHOMPITY-CHOMP (Robinson Crusoe and Friday eating food and each other).

KITTOONG, CHKLUNK (brain thrown into Frankenstein’s monster’s head like a basketball).

TWEEN SPWANG (man having pistols shot out of hands).

And now for the sound of me sending this to blogmaster Harry.


0 min read, posted in Culture, by Admin, on 13 Jan 2014