TV shows in six words

Every now and then we set a little writing task for our Twitter followers. This time, one of those followers got sick of waiting for us to do it and started one herself. So this blog is brought to you by @jennyjustjenny. (You should follow her. She’s funny.)

On with the stories:


Shouty men judge a cooking contest.


Misery, melodrama, failures sucking at life.


Take Me Out

Screeching women. Meat market. Beautiful pair?


Steptoe and Son

Life stifled by ‘dirty old man’.

The Apprentice

‘Make something!’ ‘I'm amazing!’ ‘You're fired!’

The Voice

‘Are you gonna turn around, Tom?’


ITV News

Financial crisis, war, death, skateboarding dog.


The Good Life

‘Don't bleed in the sink, Jerry.’



Intense. Intense. Intense. Intense. Blonde! Bipolar!


And two we’re not sure about (any ideas?)

Owls are not what they seem.


Muscle Mary with cat. Not gay?


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