We can work it out

We’ve been writing our very own style guide here at Writer HQ. We’ve had some arguments.

Focused or focussed?

Targetted or targeted?

Straight away or straightaway?

Never before have I seen harmonious working relationships turn to mulch quite so quickly. Each side starts off by making their case from the point of view of history, or etymology, or current usage. But the battles usually degenerate into variations of ‘it just doesn’t look right.’ Or, as these guys would argue, it just doesn’t:

Then there’s the ‘who cares as long as it’s understandable’ camp. Contentious, but lots of people can relate to it. The painters of this road, for a start.

Stay tuned for more judgments (or judgements).

0 min read, posted in Culture, by Admin, on 26 May 2011