Write like a creative writer: part three

What can creative writing teach you about writing at work? More than you might think. When our Marianne isn’t working at Writer HQ, she’s busy writing plays. Over the next few weeks, we’ll share her top tips for improving your writing.

Part three: keep up your creativity

Practice makes...

Well, let’s not say perfect. Perfect is an impossible brief. But practising writing builds your confidence and creativity.

If you ever have to be creative at work, it’s worth getting into the habit. A couple of ideas from creative writing guru Julia Cameron could help: she recommends starting every day by writing longhand for three sides of paper. These ‘morning pages’ clear out the brain and help you be more creative. And take yourself on a creative date every week – a solo expedition to explore something that interests you. Whether that’s a film, art exhibition or just a walk in the park.

Go your own way

Writing is a personal process, and there’s no magic formula to get it right. Some people plan, other people make it up as they go along. Some people need eight hours of quiet solitude, others get inspiration from noisy busy places and not having quite enough time. Whatever works for you, works for you.

0 min read, posted in Writing tips, by Admin, on 21 Apr 2015