You’re not kidding anyone

Microsoft did it first (and badly) with that awful ad, where there’s a chap pretending to want to buy wifey some manner of jewellery in secret. 'InPrivate browsing. Browse with confidence’ we’re told.

And now Google is plastering the tube with similar stuff (admittedly I like most of it). But there's that one ad that really rankles. It says:

‘Imagine if you were organising a surprise present for someone special. It wouldn't be much of a surprise if that special someone found out. That's why sometimes you may prefer to keep your browsing private.’

That may be true. But I want one of these ads to tell the truth. We're all thinking it. It should say –

‘You might want to buy someone special a present and not want them to know. But more likely, you want to look at some rudie pictures or something that you’re a bit embarrassed about. That's what 'Cover your tracks'* browsing is for.’

I think we'd all appreciate the honesty. No?

*copyright Charli Matthews

0 min read, posted in Writing tips, by Admin, on 29 Nov 2011