The Writer's toy

La Machine

Bravo! Congrats. You’re holding your very own La Machine™️ toy. There’s only 32 others like it out there. Yours was lovingly, hand-crafted in London, using 100% renewable and biodegradable material.

Once you’ve got it, please let us know. Just use the form at the bottom.

Some people may not have got theirs yet. So please keep this a secret until you hear from us. We want it to be a surprise for everyone.

Ready to build your La Machine™️?

There’s some really easy instructions just below.

We’ve also included some fun facts about the toy and pictures to show you how they were designed and 3D printed. In case you’re curious, we used UK-sourced plastic filament.

The numbers



Number of days it took to print les 33 Machines.


Total lenght of PLA filament to print les Machines (in meters).


Total weight of PLA filament to print les Machines (in grams).


The printing success rate.

The build