We don’t really like it. It’s also Latin, which can feel less accessible to some. So use ‘and so on’, ‘like’.

Same goes for e.g. and i.e. We prefer ‘like’, ‘such as’ and ‘for example’.

If you do come across eg and ie, though, you should know the difference:

  • e.g. (exempli gratia, or ‘for the sake oaf example’) shows a specific example of whatever you’re talking about. For example: ‘We usually pick cheap and cheerful dinners (e.g. pizza, sandwiches, salads).
  • i.e. (id est, or ‘that is to say’, or ‘in other words’) distills or rephrases what you’ve said before. Like ‘We love going on vacation to nearby places, i.e. spots you can get to within a couple hours from New York.’


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