Training at The Writer

Everything’s better with Beyoncé

Think training at work and you probably think putting yourself on mute for an hour, idly dashing off a few emails and tuning back in just in time to say ‘Thanks so much! Bye!’

Think again. Our training’s practical, with clever tricks you can work into the next thing you write. It’s interactive. And with appearances by everyone from Mark Twain to Mrs. Knowles-Carter, it’s somewhat unexpected.

Four ways we can make you write right



Spin stories

Storytelling isn’t just for crime thrillers. There are tales to be found in the most traditional industries; the most technical reports. Get trained in the art of Happily ever after.


Dance with data

Numbers need narratives to make them make sense. So if you’re mired in megawatts or pained by profit and loss, learn that Numbers are stories, too, actually.


Power up your PowerPoints

Next slide, please. Learn how to structure decks to take your audience on a journey and make sure every word or chart deserves its spot – for Presentations that pack a punch.


Create a curriculum

Take charge of your team’s development with a bespoke programme of sessions designed around you. Tell us your writing woes and we’ll prescribe you custom training to match.