The best brand in the world

I’ve just been doing some training in Indonesia. And the first instruction our client gave me was: ‘When you arrive at Jakarta airport, only take a Blue Bird taxi.’

Indonesia, it seems, has a problem with dodgy taxis. Yet everyone but everyone says you can always completely trust Blue Bird. One Jakartan rush hour (well, Jakarta doesn’t seem to have anything other than a rush hour) we stood in torrential rain, other taxis from other firms splashing past, while my client insisted we wait for a Blue Bird.

That’s the kind of unquestioning loyalty most brands would kill for. It’s not like they’re expensive either; not by British standards, anyway. And if you do want to spend a bit more, you can take a Silver Bird, Blue Bird’s swankier sister (nice naming system there). I couldn’t think of any brand in the UK that was as accessible but so completely trusted. You’ll never see it on the list of the world’s best brands, but it really is a belter.

0 min read, posted in Training, by Admin, on 4 Jul 2012