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Case study: ByHeart

A name with heart

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If and when to go back to work, sleep-training vs self-soothing, who takes the 2am shift, how soon to have another one… New parents face a deluge of decisions from day one. ​

Second Science founders Ron and Mia wanted to make at least one of those decisions a little easier. So they set out to give parents who either don’t have the choice to breastfeed, or choose not to, a healthy alternative based on the latest thinking in baby health. ​

Breaking the formula

For their groundbreaking baby formula, our clients wanted a name that – like their product – blended nature and science. It needed to speak to parents as well as the scientific and medical community, so they wanted something caring, but not ‘coochy-coo’ cutesy. ​

In a market crowded with scientific-sounding names like Similac and Enfamil on the one hand, and Happy Baby and Parent’s Choice on the other, we saw an opportunity to make a deeper connection.​

And so ByHeart was born. A product with heart, for parents who know their babies by heart.​

Adopting the name wholeheartedly

Our clients loved the name so much, they didn’t just use it for the baby formula – they renamed their entire company ByHeart. Since then, they’ve raised over $70m in funding, so they’re all set for growth – with a name that’s ready to grow with them. ​