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Case study: British Gas

A smart UX for smart meters

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British Gas were merging their disparate apps into one – an app that allowed customers with smart meters to understand and take control of their energy use. They also wanted the app to deal with customer pain points – like how they pay bills and book engineers for repairs and services. ​

Walking in the customer’s shoes
Arm in arm with the UX team, we spent time with the customer experience team walking through their key customer journeys, to understand their pain points and what they would most want to do in the app. Then we worked together to audit the user journeys and UX writing across their suite of apps, to define a cleaner UX for the new one.​

A simple UX with a human voice
Then we sent two of our team in-house for a few days a week to write the copy in British Gas’ tone of voice – focusing on ease of reading, inclusivity, and warmth. And we helped their writers by critiquing and editing their copy. Together, we wrote all the words in the app, including:​

  • page content, links and CTAs​
  • overlays and boxes ​
  • data entry and security​
  • error messages and broken journeys.​

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