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Case study: McKesson

Creating a content strategy with care

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When you’re in the business of manufacturing medical equipment and distributing pharmaceuticals, ‘caring’ might not be the first word people associate with you. And yet, caring was always part of McKesson’s DNA. They just hadn’t thought of it that way. ​

‘It’s not just a package, it’s a patient.’

For years, those words have been emblazoned on the walls of every McKesson distribution center. Those same words, which had been inspiring their staff for years, became the inspiration for the tone of voice and content strategy we created for McKesson. ​

Content on a mission

Having identified ‘caring’ as one of McKesson’s new tone of voice principles, we built on that in the content strategy. It started with a content mission statement, ‘We show that we care’, that got more nuanced for their four main audiences. ​

For employees, for example, it was about showing McKesson cares about them, their work and the difference they make as a company. For customers like pharmacies, it was about showing McKesson cares about their business and their patients. We also created a handy ‘formula’ to guide their content and make sure it’s doing the job it needs to. ​

The content strategy was such a hit, McKesson got us back in to help write the highest of high-profile messages, including their vision statement and purpose. ​

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