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Case study: Accenture

Five hundred job ads, reimagined and rewritten

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Accenture has thousands of job ads out in the world at any given time. But they weren’t always attracting the top talent they were after. ​

Our client wanted make a stronger case for each role, in a voice that felt authentic to the company – without losing the complex technical details.

We started with guidelines and a template to capture the feeling, tone and clarity they were after. Then we rewrote a batch of job ads in bulk – 500 of them, to be precise. ​

A logistical dream

It takes painstaking project management to keep track of hundreds of documents (not to mention version control), and make sure everything is delivered on-spec and on time. ​

We had a full-time project manager on the Accenture case , meticulously maneuvering all the moving parts. Add to that our rigorous ‘second braining’, which meant we could assign a whole team of writers and still keep the quality consistent.​

Right first time, hundreds of times

Most of the hundreds of job ads were signed off on the first draft. And all of them were delivered on time and within budget.

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