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Case study: LA Opera

Opera’s cool kids find their voice

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LA is a cool, creative place—and its opera house is no different. LA Opera were charting progressive territory. And they wanted to make sure they were attracting all the audiences who might enjoy their fresh approach to this classic art form. They needed a way to keep their seasoned supporters sweet, while welcoming new ears and eyes into the rich and varied world of opera.

Using words to break down barriers

Drawing inspiration from hip hop, we designed a brand voice that would ‘break it down’ for people, translating the once-exclusive world of operatic art into terms a younger and broader audience would appreciate. So, instead of assuming people know the ins and outs of an opera classic like Candide, we break it down with some useful commentary: “A romantic trip through Europe…where everything goes wrong, naturally.” And, an LA Opera membership gets framed in terms that will sing for a younger crew: “More champagne than your gym membership. Just as much drama as your co-op membership.”

Their new, evolved messaging reinforced the creativity, inclusivity, and spine-tingling moments of emotion and connection LA Opera had to offer people, helping them get specific about what makes LA Opera different. And, we trained their teams, so they could take their unique story and voice to every audience: from big money benefactors, to ticket buyers, to educators and school students involved in their community outreach programs.

This shows such a deep understanding of opera. It is clear and simple at first look, but then you see very clever and intricate word play going on underneath. The writing itself actually encapsulates what opera is. I love it.
Christopher Koelsch, CEO

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