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Shouting about the benefits of benefits

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AXA believes that, much like their customers, their employees should be looked after when Life Happens. The snag? People weren’t clear on what their benefits were, or how to use them. So they weren't really benefitting at all.​

Let's talk about our feelings

​AXA's genuine care for its employees wasn't coming across. We ran a workshop to dissect the language they used around benefits. At the heart of it all: lots of talk about policies and technologies, not enough about people and why they should care. It was time to revamp the way they spoke about looking after their people.​

Put the people in the policies

We started by writing a short, inspirational story that summed up how AXA's 'Life Happens' maxim isn't just for customers – it's for employees too. The story appears on the home page of their benefits portal and in other employee comms. ​

Then we rewrote all their policies along these lines, speaking human to human instead of AXA to employee. And we ran virtual training sessions to help the team do the same for any future policies.​

From this...

Home working ​(non-contractual)​

Because of the way technology and work practices have developed, AXA can now offer more employees based in the UK and Northern Ireland the chance to work either from home or from a non-AXA site. This can benefit all of us and with the appropriate technical support and management, many different jobs can be done from home. ​

Home working allows you to do part or all of your job from your home or other non-AXA site. this.

Work from wherever​

​We love to see you in the office, but we want to give you the option to work remotely, too. ​

Across the UK and Northern Ireland, we’re bringing you the tech and support you need to work from home, your favourite coffee shop, or even the window seat.​

So you can save time, cut stress, and get the space you need to get things done.

And what did the AXA team have to say

"We've never had a smoother agency relationship" - Project Manager, HR Data Analytics & Insights

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