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Case study: H&R Block

The Es of ease for H&R block​

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H&R Block help people prep and file their tax returns

And they were in the process of revamping their app. ​

It was a wholesale change, and the H&R Block voice didn’t always feel relevant or appropriate for their UX writing. So they recognised the opportunity to make their UX voice more engaging and consistent while they were at it. ​

We created a UX voice around ‘The Es of Ease’

With four snappy principles: ease, expertise, empathy and enthusiasm. Because taxes can be time-consuming and confusing, ease had to be the baseline. ​

The guidelines included lots of before-and-after examples

Showing the voice in action in the app, from welcome screens to error messages and microcopy like buttons. ​

We also gave them a sliding scale to show where to dial up the enthusiasm, depending on the client’s mindset at different stages of the user journey. And we gave them a word bank of ready-made phrases that they could use to pepper their UX writing with those four Es.​

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