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Case study: Zendium

Toothpaste messaging ​ that gleams

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Toothpaste and industrial strength bleach. Two things you'd hope would never cross paths. But the descriptions of stuff we put in our mouths so often mimics the words you'd find on a Dettol bottle: strip, combat, kill bacteria.

Natural toothpaste brand Zendium are going against the grain, with a formula that nourishes your mouth's ecosystem – not blitzes it to within an inch of its life. But how do you communicate that without slipping into scientist-speak?​

We quizzed their scientists to get to the bottom of how their ingredients work, so we could write plain English descriptions – like this one for carrageenan: "Found in seaweed, this ingredient helps give your toothpaste its structure – so it stays together in the tube, but you can still squeeze it out."

We wrote six pages of the brand's new website, cultivating a tone of voice as we went: punchy and challenger-esque. Smart and science-based, without the jargon. With a kindness to match their formula.​