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Case study: Barclays

We know what we don’t know

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Sometimes the trainer needs some training
Hook-you-in headlines. Enthralling storytelling. When on earth to use a semi-colon. That’s our strong suit. The technical nuances of Barclays’ internal auditing processes? Not so much. ​

So we took a Barclays’ ‘Audit 101’ course
We didn’t need to become expert auditors – that’s Barclays’ job. But we did need to understand their priorities and their processes. So we could train them to write in a simpler, more human way — and help people understand and act on their crucial findings. And so we could talk about audit with credibility in our training sessions. ​

Buy-in from the big guns
When it was our turn to teach, we kicked off with a session just for senior leaders, and our trainers’ new expertise came into its own. We won the support of the leadership team, and the tone was set for the rest of our programme. ​

Now we’re part of the Barclays family
We’ve coached them through their audit workstreams, and our original session is part of their Academy curriculum, meaning we’ve trained hundreds of their people since 2016. ​

And just like the trainers who went on that crash course, one of Barclays’ senior leaders has some new expertise, too; they now deliver our session in South Africa. (And can almost certainly tell you why we used that semi-colon).​

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