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Case study: PWC

Words to power PwC’s app UX

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We worked with PwC’s thought leadership team on the launch of their award-winning 365 app and created additional specialized guidelines to help people ‘make their advice worth reading’. ​

Regular interaction, not sporadic tomes
We audited, redesigned and wrote PwC’s thought leadership strategy – shifting it from epic white papers (and scroll fatigue) to a series of regular interactions more suited to the channel, not to mention busy people’s working day.​

Content that drives movement
We helped migrate and repackage more than over 1,100 pieces of content – making key copy fit into headlines, short descriptions and long descriptions. So readers could navigate and interact intuitively across the app.​

And we didn’t stop there
A few years after the app launched, we went back in and audited the whole user journey. Not just the thought leadership, but every nook and cranny – from signing up to error messages, and everything in between, finding opportunities not just to inform, but delight the users

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